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Dedicated to the American Descendents of the Pastor of the Pilgrims

In Search of Robinsons...

The Robinsons left England because of religious oppression and went to Holland. Isaac Robinson, son of the Rev. John Robinson, Pastor to the Pilgrims, was the first in the new Country. The Sirards left France for what was hoped to be a better life in Canada. One, Avila (later called Oliver), came to California.

The Robinsons and the Sirards are my parents and grandparents. There are many more names to be found as these two families are traced from the present to their past. We go to Germany with the Doerr (now called Dorr) family, to Ireland to greet the Bradleys (and one of the French connections as it turns out), to Scotland to visit with the Clan Gunn and to make additional trips to England from where others came.

This is a collaborative project of a father and a daughter. A work in progress that never seems to be finished and one for which there never seems to be enough time. If you have a connection to the Rev. John Robinson and would like to contribute to our effort we would be more than happy to have you as a part of the family.

If we have information that will help in your search we are happy to do so.

Contact Information

For a short time we are no longer accepting requests to join the "Robinson Researchers" page. My grandson will be taking over the management of the website and he will have a new address that you may use to contact him. If you have submitted your name, address and your connection to Rev. John in the past year you will have to resubmit that data when my grandson gets up to speed on the site. I am sorry for this inconvenience and wish you the best of success in making contacts with others who are also researching the Robinson line that started in this country with Isaac and his children.