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Members of the Reverend John Robinson descendency:

Our initial venture into tracking our Robinson ancestors was bleak and we had about decided that there was no way to find out about the early foundations of the family. A chance reading of an old history book and a lucky find in the genealogy section of the local library got us underway and has propelled us to our present state.

As you go back in time, the number of people in a family tree quickly becomes staggering. As we began to correspond with other Robinson researchers it quickly became clear that there was much information to be shared among the "cousins". However, it also became clear that time would never permit us to immediately add all of this information to our own family tree file.

We had talked for some time about a web site for Rev. John and his descendents. Information shared on the web site would allow us to add any direct line information to our tree as we had time, and include the complete family trees of those Robinson researchers who wanted to share their information with others.

It is our desire to include information on anyone connected to the Reverend John Robinson on this site. If you wish to share your information you may forward it to as a GEDCOM file. It will be privatized for all living members and then become a part of this site for other researchers to study and hopefully add to. With a little effort we may yet have a more complete picture of the descendents of the Rev. John Robinson and his son Isaac who started this particular line in New England.

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