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Contributions and Requests for Help
Don Bleuvelt has done some interesting and important research into John Robinson, Jr. (son of John Robinson and grandson of Isaac Robinson) and raises some serious questions as to who was the second wife (generally acknowledged to be Hannah Wheaton). I am sure you will find this material both entertaining and valuable and encourage a careful reading. After posting his first article, Don sent a second and now has added his comments on the reasons that Mary Faunce should not be considered Isaac's second wife. I am sure you will enjoy both new articles. Comments will be added to this page as they are warrented. Don's contribution is in an Adobe pdf file that requires the Adobe reader. The Adobe Reader is available free form the Adobe web site.
Go to the original article
Go to the addendum to the original article
Go to the article concerning Mary Faunce

Shirley Carter writes and asks for help as follows.

I really need help. My great grandfather was Edward Robinson of Dekalb County, Tennessee. He was the son of Benjamin Robinson. Benjamin was born in Virginia, in abt. 1835,  Benjamin was 18 when his father died in 1853. Benjamin's father was Elijah Robinson. All the children were born in Virginia.I don't know when he came to Tennessee but  there were 13 children with him and some were married already. They were:

  1. Mary Robinson married to John Reynolds
  2. Martha V. married to William Roberts
  3. Elizabeth Robinson
  4. William R. Robinson
  5. Charles E. Robinson
  6. Benjamin S. Robinson (my ancestor)
  7. Franklin Robinson, guardian Isaac Jones
  8. Margaret M. married to Ezekiel Watson
  9. Eliza F. Robinson
  10. Nancy Robinson
  11. John Jones Robinson
  12. Ann married to Alfred Guinn
  13. Jane F. Robinson

There was no wife mentioned when Elijah's properties were sold and divided. Each heir was given $51.76. His wife could have been a Jones because an Isaac Jones was made guardian of the underage children.

This is as far as I have gotten. I cannot find another thing. I don't know in while direction to go. I have been to all our local libraries and on the Internet and have found nothing.

I would appreciate any help I can get. Maybe this could be the first message to go out on your board.

Thank you

e-mail to: elryc@localnet.com

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