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Isaac Robinson - Our American Progenitor
DOB: __________ 1610 in Leyden Holland
Married: on 06-27-1636 in Scituate, Plymouth Co., MA to Margaret Hanford
Children: Susannah, JOHN, Isaac, Fear, Mercy
Married: on ______ 1650 in Plymouth, Plymouth Co., MA to Mary ______
Children: Israel, Jacob, Peter, Thomas
Died: _______1704 in Barnstable, MA
Buried: Old Common Burial Ground (C. Banks' History of Martha's Vineyard)
From the CD
"The Great Migration Begins: Immigrants to New England, 1620-33"
ORIGIN: Leiden, Holland
REMOVES: Scituate 1636, Barnstable 1639, Falmouth by 1664, Tisbury by 1671, Barnstable 1701
OCCUPATION: Innkeeper. On 7 February 1664/5 Isaac Robinson was approved to keep an ordinary at Saconeesett "since there is great recourse to and fro by travellers to Martin's Vineyard and Nantucket" [PCR 4:80].
CHURCH MEMBERSHIP: "Isaac Robinson and my son Fuller joined [Scituate church] having their letters dismissive from the church at Plimoth unto us," 7 November 1636 [NEHGR 9:280].
FREEMAN: In "1633" list of Plymouth freemen between those admitted 1 January 1633/4 and those admitted 1 January 1634/5 [PCR 1:4]. In 7 March 1636/7 list of Plymouth Colony freemen [PCR 1:52]. In the Scituate section of the 1639 Plymouth Colony list of freemen; his name was then erased and reentered in the Barnstable section of the same list [PCR 8:175, 177]. In Barnstable section of 1658 Plymouth Colony list of freemen [PCR 8:200]. On 7 March 1659/60 the court "taking notice of sundry scandals and falsehoods in a letter of Isacke Robinson's, tending greatly to the prejudice of this government and encouragement of those commonly called Quakers, and thereby liable ... to disenfranchisement, yet we at present forebear the censure until further inquiry be made into things" [PCR 3:183]. On 6 June 1660 Isaac Robinson "for being a manifest opposer of the laws of this government expressed by him in a letter directed the Governor and otherwise" is disenfrancised of the freedom of the corporation. An interlineation following says, there being some mistake in this, Isaac Robinson is re-established and by general vote of the court, accepted again [PCR 3:189]; this interlineation may have been made as late as 1673, for Isaac Robinson is not in the 29 May 1670 list of Plymouth freemen, and on 4 July 1673 Plymouth Court "voted Mr. Isacke Robinson to be reestablished in the privilege of a freeman of this corporation" [PCR 5:126].
EDUCATION: Sufficient to write a letter to Plymouth Colony authorities in support of the Quakers.
OFFICES: Deputy for Barnstable to Plymouth General Court, 28 October 1645, 5 June 1651 [PCR 2:94, 168]. Tax collector, 7 July 1646, 1 June 1647, 7 June 1648 [PCR 2:105, 116, 125]. Coroner's jury, 5 June 1658 on the body of Simon Davis, aged two [PCR 3:147]. Jury, 2 March 1640/1 [PCR 7:19]. (Isaac Robinson does not appear in the 1643 Plymouth Colony list of men able to bear arms.)
ESTATE: Assessed 9s. in Plymouth tax list of 27 March 1634 [PCR 1:29]. In his list of houses built in Scituate, Rev. John Lothrop included among those erected in 1636 "Isaac Robinson's ... now Goodman Twisden's," and as the first built in 1637 "Isaac Robinson's new house" [NEHGR 10:42-43]. On 4 June 1660 the court gave Isaac Robinson and others permission to purchase land at or near Saconeesett [PCR 3:216]. On 5 June 1666 Isaac Robinson and others were granted fifty acres each of upland at Pausatuke Neck, with six acres of meadow [PCR 4:128], and on 7 June 1668 the court confirmed a certain neck of land with meadow adjoining at Passuntaquanuncke Neck to Isaac Robinson and two others [PCR 4:189]. On 8 November 1669 Isaac Robinson of Saconeesett, husbandman, sold to John Jenkins land in Saconeesett; Isaac's wife Mary acknowledged this deed [TAG 56:147, citing PCLR 3:154]. On 20 December 1666 "Isacke Robinson Senior of Barnstable, planter," posted a bond of 4 with Joseph Tilden of Scituate, yeoman, as security for the receipt of a legacy of forty shillings "given and bequeathed unto ... Isaac Robinson Junior by the last will and testament of Mr. Timothy Hatherley deceased" [PCLR 3:102]. On 9 June 1683 the court granted Isaac Robinson's petition to look out for land for his accommodation [PCR 6:110]. In November 1701 Isaac Robinson sold his homelot at Tisbury to his son Isaac and removed to his daughter's in Barnstable [TAG 18:46].
BIRTH: Leiden, Holland, about 1610 (aged 92 years, 4 April 1702 [Sewall 463]), son of Rev. John and Bridget (White) Robinson.
DEATH: At Barnstable in 1704 (so stated in all secondary sources, but no evidence supplied). (On 4 April 1702 Samuel Sewall wrote "Visit Mr. [Isaac] Robinson, who saith he is 92 years old, is the son of Mr. [John] Robinson pastor of the church of Leyden, part of which came to Plimo. But to my disappointment he came not to New England till the year [1631] in which Mr. [John] Wilson was returning to England after the settlement of Boston. I told him was very desirous to see him for his father's sake, and his own. Gave him an Arabian piece of gold to buy a book for some of his grandchildren" [Sewall 463-64].)
MARRIAGE: (1) Scituate 26 September 1636 Margaret Hanford, daughter of Eglin (Hatherly) (Downe) Hanford and niece of TIMOTHY HATHERLY ("Isaac Robinsonn and Margaret Handford contracted at Mr. Hetherlye's June 27, 1636" [NEHGR 9:286]) [Stevens-Miller Anc 485-87]. "The wife of Isaac Robinsonn buried [at Barnstable] June 13, 1649, and a maid child born of her before the ordinary time buried the week before" [NEHGR 9:285]. (2) By 1651 Mary _____ [TAG 56:147, citing PCLR 3:154]. She died after 8 November 1669 [PCLR 3:154]. CHILDREN: With first wife i SUSANNA, bp. Scituate 21 January 1637/8 [NEHGR 9:281]; no further record. ii JOHN, bp. Barnstable 5 April 1640 [NEHGR 9:282]; m. Barnstable "about the middle of May" 1667 Elizabeth Weeks [MD 12:153]. iii ISAAC, bp. Barnstable 7 August 1642 [NEHGR 9:282]; d. before 22 October 1668 ("he tried to fetch two geese from a pond full of weedy grass and was entangled" [PCR 5:7]). (He is said to have had wife Anne, but the evidence for this is not seen. There may be some confusion with his younger halfbrother who assumed his name, and did have a wife named Anne.) iv FEAR, bp. Barnstable 26 January 1644/5 [NEHGR 9:283]; m. by 1664 Rev. Samuel Baker (in his will of 20 December 1664 TIMOTHY HATHERLY bequeathed to "Fear Robinson now the wife of Samuel Baker" [MD 16:159]; see also NEHGR 142:123-25]). v MERCY, bp. Barnstable 4 July 1647 [NEHGR 9:283]; m. Falmouth 16 March 1669 William Weekes (the bride's name given as "Mary Robenson" as published). vi Daughter, prematurely born June 1649 and buried a few days before her mother [NEHGR 9:285]. With second wife vii ISRAEL, bp. Barnstable 5 October 1651 [NEHGR 9:284] (later called Isaac in honor of his deceased elder halfbrother); m. Anne Cottle [TAG 18:47; Martha's Vineyard Hist 3:107, 419]. viii JACOB, bp. Barnstable 15 May 1653 [NEHGR 9:284]; m. (1) Mary _____; m. (2) by 1714 Experience Rogers. (These two marriages are presented in all sources without documentation [Martha's Vineyard Hist 3:419, 423; TAG 18:47]). ix PETER, b. say 1655; m. (1) by about 1688 Mary Manter, daughter of John Manter [Martha's Vineyard Hist 3:284]; m. (2) say 1698 Experience _____ (she could not have been daughter of John Manter Jr. [TAG 18:47]).
ASSOCIATIONS: JOHN CARVER was uncle by marriage to Isaac Robinson.
COMMENTS: On 24 May 1649 Isaac Robinson testified that he heard Mr. Gillson say that he wanted to leave his land to two of his sister's children (John and Hannah Damman) which he looked upon as his own, and that he heard Gillson's wife acknowledge it and say she wouldn't wrong them [PCR 2:143]. On 1 March 1658/9 Isaac Robinson and Gyles Rickard Sr., complained on behalf of two children of Henery Coggen, deceased [PCR 3:156]. Perhaps as a result of this, John Coggen, one of these children, chose Mr. Isaac Robinson as one of his guardians [PCR 3:160-61]. On 8 April 1664 he was discharged as guardian [PCR 4:77]. Some sources include a son Thomas born in March 1657, but there does not seem to be any evidence for this child. This is in part based on the existence of a Thomas Robinson of Guilford, who cannot have been a son of Isaac [TAG 18:47].
BIBLIOGRAPHIC NOTE: In 1941 Mary Lovering Holman presented the ancestry of Isaac Robinson, treated the immigrant himself and followed a line of descent from Isaac [TAG 17:207-15, 18:45-55]. Amos Otis and Charles Edward Banks also prepared brief biographical sketches of Isaac Robinson [Otis 2:228-31; Martha's Vineyard Hist 2:West Tisbury:60-62].
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