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Pictures from Pieterskerk

Michael Keating is in the process preparing presentations detailing America's birth as a nation. Part of his preparation took him to both Leiden, Holland and Plymouth, England researching items and places relating to the Pilgrims. In Leiden he was allowed to photograph the Robinson memorial inside Pieterskerk (St. Peter's Church). The first two photos show the condition of the floor in the church in the 1980s when the stones were pulled up and the bodies buried there disinterred. He could not find the new grave site as the location in the floor was lost due to some confusion in the records many years prior to his visit. Descriptions accompanying the photos are from material supplied by Mr. Keating.

Exterior of Pieterskerk. Originally consecrated in 1121, the
present church was built between 1390 and 1565. Different
parts of the church were designed by several of the most famous
architects in the Low Countries.

Open floor during reconstruction circa 1980. Many renowned university
professors were buried here as well as the painter Jan Steen, the parents
of Rembrandt van Rjin and Rev. John Robinson along with about 30 other
Pilgrims who remained in Leiden rather than making the trip to America.

Mummy disinterred during the reconstruction of the 1980s.

Interior view of Pieterskerk.

Another interior view of Pieterskerk.

Interior view of the ceiling in Pieterskerk.
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